The Studio Creator


UPDATED 10.2018

*Note of Caution: You are about to enter the mind of D. Mike Caudill

(Enter at your own risk!)

Born in 1951, the fourth of five boys, now retired and searching for something meaningful and specific to do. As a Wondering Generality his entire working career, the only real enjoyment he got from years of employment was when he was directed to create something from scratch.

After 40+ years of laboring for a living; he has worked as a Newspaper Boy, Grocery Clerk, Navy Sailor, Head Chef, Room Service Waiter, Remodeling Contractor, Real Estate Agent, Business Owner, Pawn Broker, Marketing Agent, Electronic Recycler, Landscaper, Maintenance Man, just to name a few.

He has always had a vivid imagination and a desire to create something new. So now, with a pile of junk the size of a house, and the full freedom to create whatever comes to mind, he seems to be a tiny bit afraid of just what might happen.

DMC Digital Self Portraits
Experimenting with digital art has been one great experience. The only reason we began to explore this type of art was because we had to wait for the Steam Atomitorium to be built and stocked with enough used and reclaimed materials to function.