Crowpickle Recycled Art

Crowpickle Recycled Art Pieces

UPDATED 09.2018

Each Crowpickle “Recycled Image” art piece begins with a photo or image found online, which is then drastically altered using several different online image creation, filtering and cropping tools. Afterwards, each image then goes through a final “tweaking” process using various enhancements, shading changes and accenting software to reach the end results that you see here.

oa 0215.JPG

oa 0154.JPG

oa 0140.JPG

oa 0040.JPG

oa 0047.JPG


oa 0404.JPG

oa 0393.jpg

oa 0387.jpg


oa 0361

oa 0378.jpg

oa 0390.jpg

oa 0392.jpg