Steam Atomitorium Art

spokane-steam-atomitorium-board-of-directorsUPDATE 09.18

The Steam Atomitorium Art Studio idea began to perk back in 2014. A home improvement contractor, retiring from the business, was looking for something to do after he retired.

Of all things, he decided to try his hand as an artist, a multimedia artist, a steampunk industrial multimedia artist, to be exact.

Since true steampunk art is “Built” from reclaimed/recycled materials, it became readily apparent that a rather large collection of assorted material was going to be needed before one piece of art could be considered.

Note: (The Steam Atomitorium Art Studio Board of Directors above from left to right: Sir D’Augustus M. CrowPickle, Dr. Parthenia Eudora Von Bunyan, Capitan El Mavado, Lumen the Cyborg Engineer, Double Dealin’ Danny Dahle, Pinkerton and D. Mike Caudill (Not in picture, but you can see his hands in the lower right.)

Fast forward to the Summer of 2018. The fully stocked Steam Atomitorium Art Studio, after over four years in “Search & Secure” Mode scrounging for junk, is finally ready to build a steampunk art piece or two.

Over 400 cardboard boxes filled with sorted pieces of junk, nearly 200 plastic gallon bottles filled with assorted small parts. Materials on hand include a lot of junk metals, used/worn scrap leather, unusual fabrics, glass, cork, wood, etc. Also, a large assortment of discarded and reclaimed hats, canes & staffs, masks & wigs, dolls and more.

NOTE: Every weekend, a crew member from the Atomitorium goes out into the secondhand/yard sale market place in search of steampunk building materials. The most incredible “Art Junk Finds” are posted here. Junk Finds are listed from newest to oldest.

09.18> One of the most sought after treasures for a steampunk artist is vintage skeleton keys. Very had to come by at a starving artist’s wage. In four years of searching thrifts and yard sages, zero. This week, one yard sale and WALLA !!! Over 80 keys and 6 vintage locks to be used in numerous future projects.


07.18> Many steampunk cosplay characters wear military style ribbons and metals. These imaginary awards are handmade from reclaimed materials. Here is a sample of some of the salvaged parts and pieces at the Atomitorium to be used for that purpose.


06.18> Steampunk and dieselpunk art both require the use of glass lenses from time to time. It is important to have a large selection of sizes and shapes so when we need one for a build, most likely we already have it in stock. Pictured here is just part of the lenses we have salvaged over the last four years.


05.18> Since many steampunk industrial and/or mechanical builds involve steam power, it is quite necessary to have a goodly supply of vintage and used gauges on hand. At the Steam Atomitorium, we have a few, but we can always use more.


04.18> The single most recognizable trademark of steampunk art is the GEARS. Obviously, if steampunk is mechanical art, gears must be stocked in all shapes and sizes to be useful in any steampunk build.