Sir CrowPickle’s Evolution

UPDATED 10.2018

THE BUILDING of Sir D’Augustus M. CrowPickle

DSCF7015.JPGThe original idea of creating the CrowPickle Cosplay Character began with a vintage grey London Fog Trench Coat that has been in storage for over 30 years.

The future plan is to steampunk the trench coat, add a steampunk top hat with goggles, build a pair of steampunk boots and a mechanical walking stick.

In addition, more cosplay props will be added such as a vintage suitcase, round glasses, skeleton key chain, gloves, Etc.

NOTE: Each cosplay character is an ever-changing living work of art. Each time the character changes, a new progress picture and update will be posted here.

DSCF902510.2018> Dr. Von Bunyan found Sir CrowPickle a perfect pair of used up boots, headed for the garbage bin, which are now in the reclamation and rebuild process.

This picture shows the boots with one industrious grade steam pulse miasma eradicator installed. (in-other-words, an external mount odor eater.)

The Atomitorium Crew is also busy working on Sir CrowPickle’s trench coat. An art design has been painted on the back, achievement award metals and patches have been added. Just a few more tweaks and the photo will appear here.

We are currently searching for a gray top hat for Sir CrowPickle, or we may just build one. Not sure on that yet.

cp109.2018> Evolution Update: Sir CrowPickle now has a black vest, stripped black shirt, the Atomitorium key chain, a billy club, welder’s goggles and a pair of boots equipped with external mount odor eaters.

The plan is to build out the top hat and goggles with more steampunk type embellishments; like a mechanical hat band and steampunk lens on the goggles.

We are adding achievement patches, service award medals and steampunk buttons to the trench coat.

In the near future we will be added steampunk arm and/or hand gizmos and jewelry pieces to his getup.

The BIOGRAPHY  of Sir CrowPickle

10.2018> Sir CrowPickle is the last born son of the King of the ArdentSphere, and the Lord of the Dilly-Dally Realm within the ArdentSphere. The ArdentSphere, is an ovular-shaped electromagnetic transparent planetary orb, existing in parallel with the planet Earth. Rotating at 24 times the speed of the Earth,  what takes 24 hours on Earth only takes an hour in the ArdentSphere.

In January of 1951, an atomic bomb test was conducted in the Nevada Desert. The atomic vibrotic-pulse resonating from that explosion on Earth wobbled the ArdentSphere for several months and slowed its rotation just long enough for the two universes to collide for a millisecond.

On August 8th, 1951 at 7:36 am, Sir CrowPickle was sucked through the hole created in the ArdentSphere when that collision occurred. He found himself, at the tender age of 360, unceremoniously dumped on his ass in the Nevada Desert. He had absolutely no recollection of the ArdentSphere and he certainly had no clue as to what world he had fallen into. (Side Note: ArdentSpherians age six times faster than humans on Earth, in Earth years, he is 60 years old. Also, ArdentSpherians do not wear clothing.)

Just recently, while clearing out some old things in Steam Atomitorium Attic, Sir CrowPickle came across this old beaten relic of a suitcase. It was quite curious; it looked as if it had traveled to many places, but he did not recall seeing this case ever before. It opened easily, as it was not locked and inside was an old yellowed torn-up envelope, stuffed to splitting, with tattered documents and papers. Scribbled across the front of the envelope in penciled cursive:

Sir D’Augustus M. Crowpickle
Lord of The Dilly-Dally Realm
Master Fabricator of all Things Real or Imagined
Son of the King of The Ardentsphere

As he sat cross legged on the wooden planked floor, leafing through each of the crumbling papers, tears began to well up in his eyes as it become clear to him that these old brittle documents were about him; his past, who he was, and who he should have been. It was his life in the ArdentSphere laid before his eyes.

The pages revealed that it was highly suspected, his father, the King of The ArdentSpere’s life was in danger and to save his last-born teen aged son, the King was forced to entrust a wayward gypsy traveler, he had never met before, to whisk the child away and hide him. The stranger took the stripling to a far away place and concealed his true identity. But, upon news of the King’s death, fearing for his own family’s well being, the nomad forced the child out of his camp.

It was not long before one of the Hell Monger Brakermen captured him, walking on the road, he was then taken against his will and forced to work long hours for food and clothing.

More to come …

Sir CrowPickle Digital Art

Many of the “progress pictures” taken of Sir CrowPickle’s Evolution are digitally enhance using a bundle of online image sites, image software, and computer image manipulation tools to create the CrowPickle Original Art pieces below. More will be added as his costume grows.