Sandy Rene Petticoat’s Evolution

UPDATED 10.2018 

THE BUILDING of Sandy Rene Petticoat

DSCF9265.JPGWe decided that the Steam Atomitorium needed a big-n-tough bouncer/security guard type person, so that is how Sandy Rene Petticoat, the cosplay character came to be. Here is a couple of photos from his professional portfolio.

The future plan is to develop a clean shaven anonymous looking chap who is obviously prepared to do battle. He will be adorned with steampunk looking weapons such as …. hand grenades ???

More to follow …

NOTE: Each cosplay character is an ever-changing living work of art. Each time the character changes, a new progress picture will be posted here.


BIOGRAPHY  of Sandy Rene Petticoat (Pinkerton)

Sandy Renee Pettycoat, we call him Pinkerton, is on his way. In short, if McGyver and Roseanne had a son, that would be Pinkerton. He is highly skilled at turning junk into weapons with his hands, but his brain comes up with some downright dumb ideas, from time to time.

As the head of security for the Steam Atomitorium, his job is to secure the property perimeter, provide 24/7 video surveillance and remain combat ready at all times to fend off any and/or all who may intrude.

More to come…

Sandy Rene Petticoat’s Digital Art

Coming Sooooooon ….