Professor Lumen’s Evolution

UPDATED 09.2018

The BUILDING of Prof. Lumen, The Cyborg Engineer

Sir CrowpickleWhile experimenting with images on a popular online funny photo site, Professor Lumen was created when two pictures were blended together.

The future plan is to take this digital image and use it as a blue print to build the real thing. More to follow …

NOTE: Each cosplay character is an ever-changing living work of art. Each time the character changes, a new progress picture will be posted here.


BIOGRAPHY  of Professor Lumen

By the age of 13 Lumen had accumulated over a hundred degrees in science, mathematics, engineering, electronics and medicine. His IQ, well, that would be anyone’s best guess because the modern techniques used today to measure IQ do not work on Lumen. It is believed he could be the first 4 or 5 digit IQ known to man.

By the age of 16 Lumen’s science crib, as he called it, was filled with custom designed and built technological and medical equipment so advanced that no other scientist could figure out what Lumen’s machines did.

Today we know that Lumen’s nefarious apparatus will turn humans into Cyborgs. Lumen told us the process includes 112 procedures, if all goes well and there is no rejection issues. Assisted by a series of interactive computers, Lumen was able to perform each phase of the surgery on himself, without outside assistance.

More to come…

Professor Lumen’s Digital Art

Many of the taken of Lumen are digitally enhance using a bundle of online image sites, image software, and computer image manipulation tools to create the CrowPickle Original Art pieces below. More will be added as his costume grows.