Mr Havasmack’s Evolution


THE BUILDING of Mr. Cletus Bodean Havasmack

DSCF7063A package of funky Halloween teeth was found in a free box at a Post Falls, ID. yard sale. That is all it took to sprout the concept of this cosplay character.

The future plan is …

In addition, more cosplay props will be added such as …

NOTE: Each cosplay character is an ever-changing living work of art. Each time the character changes, a new progress picture will be posted here.


BIOGRAPHY  of Mr. Cletus Bodean Havasmack

More to come…

Mr. Cletus Bodean Havasmack Digital Art

Well I finally met the dude that is living in the woods behind the Steam Atomitorium. His name is Cletus Bodean Havasmack, he hails from Harlan County Kentucky.

Unfortunately, his eyes are failing and he needs glasses. I asked Cletus when he found out he needed glasses and he said, “1969, why do you ask?”

He tried to sell me his gold tooth to get the money to pay for new glasses. Instead, I rounded up an old pair of mine and handed them to him to try.

Without a word, he instantly scurried off back into the woods like Gollum with the ring. I suppose I will never see him again, interesting for sure.

Oooh GOOD GRIEF…Cletus is back and he is not happy! He claims the glasses I gave him buggered up his left eye and now he can’t see to shoot or hunt. He’s hungry now and wants me to feed him.

As you may remember, Cletus Bodean Havasmack lives in the woods behind the Steam Atomitorium. He stole a pair of glasses from me last week and disappeared. I did not expect to see him again.

I fired back, “Listen Pal, if you want my help we will have to do things differently from here on out. Now, I know you don’t like people, that’s why you live alone in the woods. I would suggest you spread a little please and thank you on your visits from now on or you will no longer be welcome!”

Well, after a few one eye-to-two eye exchanges and a mutual understanding, Clet headed off into the woods with a better pair of glasses and a wrinkled paper sack full of PB&Js and some of my neighbor’s apples.

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Mr. Cletus Bodean Havasmack and his attack dog, Killer, spend a lot of time hunting for squirrels in the woods around the Steam Atomitorium. While he is there, like a good neighbor, he keeps a watchful eye (cause he only sees well out of one) on the Atomitorium grounds to make sure nothing funny is going on.