Dr Von Bunyan’s Evolution


BUILDING Doctor Parthenia Eurdora Von Bunyan

d.JPGThis cosplay character was conjured up because Sir CrowPickle was complaining about being lonely. More to come…

The future plan is …

In addition, more cosplay props will be added such as …

NOTE: Each cosplay character is an ever-changing living work of art. Each time the character changes, a new progress picture will be posted here.


BIOGRAPHY  of Dr. Parthenia Eudora Von Bunyan

She considers herself as a “Stick-In-The-Mud”, but everyone else sees here as an intelligently  reserved, tenderhearted person that just about anyone could count on. She is certainly the most noble, dependable and trusted member of this mind-numbing bunch.

The only glitch in this harmless Doctor’s life is Baron Von Bunyan, himself, her alleged  husband; he has not been seen by anyone on Earth, except Parthenia, since the day of the wedding over 40 years ago. There are signed, witnessed and sealed documents, executed by the Baron’s own hand; which stated clearly that he wished to be left completely alone. (The actual legalize in the document to explain the meaning of “Alone” is forty seven pages long.)

Over the last four decades, Parthenia has undergone several investigations by numerous government agencies and police departments attempting to force her to produce proof of life, but the iron clad prenuptial documents have stopped each attempt in court.

After examining the results of six lie detector tests and other court documents, collected over the forty year period, a team of forensic pathologists have concluded that Parthenia is telling the truth when she says her husband is alive; but they cannot determine in what capacity or how he lives.

More to come…

Dr. Von Bunyan Digital Art