Danny Dahle’s Evolution


THE BUILDING of Double Dealin’ Danny Dahle

4DB82F01-D941-4134-ADAD-076BD3ED084BDouble Dealin’ Danny Dahle, Dag for short is another digital picture-blending anomaly. While experimenting with mixing different pictures and background together, this digital image was created using one of those “face-in-hole” apps.

The future plan is to bring this digital image to life and build a real cosplay version of this character. Using this image as a building guide, first we need to gather the materials.

Red fabric, dreadlocks material, a wig, beads and feathers for the hair, Etc.

More to follow …

The crew of the Steam Atomitorium has a backlog of scheduled builds ahead of this project and the building materials need to be collected. It may be awhile before building begins.

NOTE: Each cosplay character is an ever-changing living work of art. Each time the character changes, a new progress picture will be posted here.


BIOGRAPHY  of Double Dealin’ Danny Dahle

Double Dealin’ Danny Dahle, we call him “Dag” for short. He fancies himself as a long lost pirate from Norway. He delivers “The Unusuals” to the Steam Atomitorium on a loosely followed schedule. Sometimes he is gone for months at a time and other times he visits the art studio on a weekly basis.

When Dag is at the Atomitorium, his booming phony Norwegian Speak is quite an annoyance for all the studio mechanics. They know he has never been to Norway, nor is he in anyway a pirate.

In his own mind, Dag is quite a story teller. But to the rest of the crew, well “story telling” is not what they would call it. On top of that, he tells the same jokes, same stories, every… single… time… he shows up.

More to come…

Double Dealin’ Danny Dahle Digital Art

Coming Soon