Capitán El Mavado’s Evolution

UPDATED 10.2018

THE BUILDING of Capitán El Mavado

DSCF7168 (2).JPGThe original idea of creating the Capitán El Mavado Cosplay Character started with the purchase of the leather hat. When we found the coat to match at a thrift shop, that got us started. It is believed that El Mavado in Spanish means Pure Evil.

The future plan is to elevate the leather jacket to a western steampunk style, add a hat band and welder’s goggles to the hat and a hand armored gauntlet.

In addition, more cosplay props will be added such as an eye patch, weapons, Etc.

NOTE: Each cosplay character is an ever-changing living work of art. Each time the character changes, a new progress picture will be posted here.

DSCF7161 (2).JPGCapitán El Mavado, in the flesh, before he had his eye poked out in the jail break, see below.

BIOGRAPHY  of Capitán El Mavado

*(Author’s Note: The story here is a written report of this character’s life and times. Each month new information will be added to this biography as we learn more about him. Each new entry will be dated from newest to oldest posts.)

He rarely speaks, so very little is known about this man. It is believed he was born somewhere in South America and he was taken from his Mother at birth by a faceless man who was known to be a member of a rogue’s gallery. That could explain why he has very little regard for the law.

UPDATE 10.2018> Cap has a one-eared, German Shepard dog named Venganza. He treats this poor three-legged animal like a King; he eats better meat than most humans can afford for themselves. The dog has had an obvious rough life, he is missing a part of his left front leg, his right ear, and his left eye. He sits awkwardly because his hip has been broken and he breaths quite loudly because of several fractured ribs and a punctured lung.

dscf8801.jpgUPDATE 09.2018> It was a single unexpected dog bark joined by a heavy pounding at the Atomitorium door that grabbed Sir CrowPickle from his resting peace. (more pounding) With hurried clumsy steps and a sense of angered urgency the old steam mechanic made his way, in the pitch blackness, (more pounding) towards the exasperating sound.

He had rehearsed and polished his chastising speech and was ready to blast whoever dared to arouse him at this hour of the night. As he flung the heavy planked Steam Atomitorium door wide open, to his own surprise, all that came out of his dry mouth was,
“El Mavado?”

El Mavado was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon in Nicaragua, wanted posters were everywhere. Well, it turns out that he was captured by three bounty hunters and lost his eye in an escape attempt battling with his captures.

After hiding out for days, he found his Doctor Mountebank and hired him to fix up his eye injury enough to travel. Although he believed his Doctor Friend was just a person practicing quackery, he had to get going, or get caught.

UPDATE 08.2018> If looks could kill? Well, rumor has it, while deeply invested in a poker game in Tijuana, Mexico one of the gringos at the table made an offhand remark about his mother. Capitán El Mavado’s hat brim tipped slightly and the look in his eyes was so intently evil that several other plays moved quickly away from the table. But, the offender just slump in his chair and fell awkwardly hard to the floor. The bartender pronounce him dead as a door nail.

Capitán El Mavado Digital Art

It has been great fun to create these digital art pieces from the photos of Capitan El Mavado. We will continue to add to this portfolio as the cosplay character develops.