Shades of CrowPickle

UPDATED 10.2018

There are several layers to Sir CrowPickle’s attempts at creating art. He is dabbling in cosplay art, digital art, steampunk art and the art of finding the right junk to do all this sh… stuff.

COSPLAY ART (Sir CrowPickle’s Imaginary Friends)

Sir CrowPickle is in the process of exposing a rather scattered group of imaginary cosplay characters. Sir CrowPickle intends to build a real life version of each one of his characters. To learn more about each of these cosplay builds, just click on the name.

Sir D’Augustus M. CrowPickle – Steampunk Primocoggler
Dr. Parthenia Eudora Von Bunyan – Pictologist, Doctor of Pictology
Capitan El Mavado – South American Desperado, Weapons Expert
Professor Lumen – Cyborg Electronics & Sciences Engineer
Double Dealin’ Danny Dahle – Half Norwegian Purchasing Agent
Mr. Cletus Haveasmack – Reclusive Naturalist Living Off The Grid
Sandy Rene Petticoat – “Always A Marine!” Security Specialist


Using a number of online programs, computer software, and photo enhancing tools; Sir CrowPickle is creating different kinds of digital art. Click on links below to view art pieces that have been created so far.

Original Image Art – Using CrowPickle Original Images
Recycled Image Art – Using Images Found Online
Art Deco Art – Using Original & Online Images
Steampunk Art – Using Original & Online Images


The “SEASONED CREW” employed at the Steam Atomitorium Art Studio have the tools and materials to build thousands of pieces of steampunk related art. Whether any of it is any good, well, that remains to be seen. The project builds being considered are:

Head Gear – Hats, goggles, monocles, masks, eye patches, Etc.
Lighting – Lamps, wall sconces, lanterns and mood lighting.
Clothing – Coats, vests, boots, shoes, belts, gloves and more.
Walking Sticks – Canes, staffs, hiking sticks and such.
Jewelry – Costume rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings.
Weaponry – Ray guns, blunderbusses, grenades and other handheld weapons.
Creatures – Steam and mechanical powered beasts and varmints.
Gadgetry – Mechanical and steam driven gizmos of all kinds.