About The Atomitorium Crew

CrowPickle Original Steampunk Art Piece

Meet the Steam Atomitorium Art Studio Crew:

For nearly four years this motley crew has been on a “Search & Secure” mission to gather the multimedia materials needed to support steampunk project building. Over 400 boxes and 200+ gallon cartons filled with metal parts, gauges, gears, leather, glass, fabrics, wood, cork, rubber, jewelry beads, plastic parts, hats, dolls, canes, toys, etc.

Now, this multifarious hodgepodge has unanimously agreed to join forces and build 18th Century Futuristic Victorian Mechanical & Industrial Steampunk Art using only reclaimed and/or recycled materials.


As the Atomitorium Overseer and Master Gizmologist, Sir D’Augustus M. CrowPickle, will be responsible for the gizmo and gadgetry experiments, wearing apparel ideas, and walking staffs builds.


Dr. Parthenia Eudora Von Bunyan, Doctor of Pictology (The new science of image capturing) will be visiting the Steam Atomitorium, from time to time, to assist with any History-Making-Event visual documentation, if necessary.


As a master primocoggle, Capitán El Mavado will be focusing on the building of 18th Century futuristic steam and mechanical powered weaponry, military type stuff and the CrowPunk Creatures.

DSCF7158 (2)

All of the Steam Atomitorium’s “Power Required” projects will be managed by Professor Lumen, the Cyborg Engineer. Any build that requires electricity, electronics or batteries will be Lumen’s job.

Sir Crowpickle

Double Dealin’ Danny Dahle, we call him “Dag” for short. He fancies himself as a long lost pirate from Norway. He delivers “The Unusuals” to the Steam Atomitorium on a loosely followed schedule. Sometimes he is gone for months at a time and other times he visits the art studio on a weekly basis.


And then there is Cletus…Mr. Cletus Bodean Havasmack and his attack dog, Killer, spend a lot of time hunting for squirrels in the woods around the Steam Atomitorium. While he is there, like a good neighbor, he keeps a watchful eye (cause he only sees well out of one) on the Atomitorium grounds to make sure nothing funny is going on.


Sandy Renee Pettycoat, we call him Pinkerton, is on his way. In short, if McGyver and Roseanne had a son, that would be Pinkerton. He is highly skilled at turning junk into weapons with his hands, but his brain comes up with some downright dumb ideas, from time to time.

As the head of security for the Steam Atomitorium, his job is to secure the property perimeter, provide 24/7 video surveillance and remain combat ready at all times to fend off any and/or all who may intrude.


Last but certainly least, the Atomitorium gopher, janitor and handyman; D. Mike Caudill has worked at the Steam Atomitorium for about four years now. We call him, “Mr. Undependable” because Mike can get done in one day what the average man can do in an hour. If it is not important, then that would be Mikey’s job.

the-recycling-artist (2)