Meet Z’Nof The Steampunk Ryder

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This rare Steampunk Biker was purchased at an old Estate Sale, held on Camano Island off the coast of Washington State. The actual age of this piece is unknown.

This handmade Rolling Steampunk / Harley Davidson Style Art Piece stands 13 1/2″ tall and rests on two rubber tires, mounted on metal wire spooked rims. It is 20″ long and weighs in at 8 lbs, it is a larger and heavier than usual piece.

Features a rustic hand-painted finish with an uneven antique Steampunk or Harley Davidson style overall look. The wheels actually roll, but the steering is fixed in a circle.

No chips or cracks or other blemishes. This would make a fantastic addition or gift for the motorcycle, steampunk enthusiast. It would be a great decor piece for many bars, restaurants and clubs. Offers will be considered.

The initial asking price is set at $250. This is a “guest-imate” of value. If there is an interest, all offers will be considered. Interested parties send PM to The Recycling Artist.


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