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CrowPickle Original Steampunk Art Piece

Sir CrowPickle Here,

The Steam Atomitorium Art Studio is located in Spirit Lake, ID.

It is a massive, insanely organized, multimedia wonderland of eclectic junk, just waiting for it’s turn to be reborn into the steampunk world at the hands of the seasoned ART STUDIO CREW

As it occurs THE NEWS OF THE DAY will be posted here.

Our goal is to make this site, the Steampunk Headquarters of the Northwest. Whether you want to buy, sell, build or see steampunk art, the largest collection of steampunk information will be found here.

Reclaiming Steampunk Jewelry

DSCF9342.JPGFor several years, while traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest searching for the right junk, we have been finding pieces of costume jewelry that lend themselves to the Steampunk and Gothic styles.

Here is just a small sample of what we have found. This photo shows many of the pieces before they have been cleaned and polished. Once the refurbishing is complete, we are planning an online sale in late November, 2018.

Meet Z’Nof The Steampunk Ryder

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This rare Steampunk Biker was purchased at an old Estate Sale, held on Camano Island off the coast of Washington State. The actual age of this piece is unknown.

This handmade Rolling Steampunk / Harley Davidson Style Art Piece stands 13 1/2″ tall and rests on two rubber tires, mounted on metal wire spooked rims. It is 20″ long and weighs in at 8 lbs, it is a larger and heavier than usual piece.

Features a rustic hand-painted finish with an uneven antique Steampunk or Harley Davidson style overall look. The wheels actually roll, but the steering is fixed in a circle.

No chips or cracks or other blemishes. This would make a fantastic addition or gift for the motorcycle, steampunk enthusiast. It would be a great decor piece for many bars, restaurants and clubs. Offers will be considered.

The initial asking price is set at $250. This is a “guest-imate” of value. If there is an interest, all offers will be considered. Interested parties send PM to The Recycling Artist.

New Mercantile Additions

Sir CrowPickle has added these two new online steampunk shopping sites to the list of places to shop for steampunk goods. Check out CrowPickle’s Mercantile.

VG-18541_Spiral_Bone_Brocade_Steampunk_Corset_F_grandeCorset Deal – This site offers an amazing selection of all types of corsets. They have underbust and overbust corsets, full dress corsets, waist training and full size corsets. Besides corsets they also offer skirts, dresses, tops and blouses.

Mini-Minaret-280x357The American Steampunk Lamp Co –  They capture the imagination of a world created in an antique industrial age powered by steam. Their Steampunk Lamp and Steampunk Wall Sconce collections are manufactured in the U.S.A. by hand.